Up Way Publications 41st Anniversary

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Up Way Publications International

Pakistan Flag
Up Way Publications Pakistan
If You Want Joy, and Fire! Fire!! Neighbor Your House is On FIRE!!!, Now available in Urdu.
A few pictures of the Go Preach Christ Church in Karachi and the inaugural service of Up Way Publications Pakistan.
Up Way Publications Pakistan Banner

Pastor John Teaches Up Way Banner

Pastor Muazzam John, Director, Up Way Publications Pakistan, Teaching with inaugural banner
behind him as
other ministers on the platform listen.

Congregation at Up Way Inaugural Service

Pastors Awards service and part of the congregation in Karachi.

Tract Distribution Table

Tract distribution table in Karachi. Pastor John does not know why the printer put the black border on the tracts, but later printing does not have the black border.

If You Want Joy Urdu
Sample of If You Want Joy outside pages in Urdu. Below are links to directly copy
JPG formatted camera ready copies of these two tracts for offset printing.
Anyone who has an offset press and camera platemaker is invited to print as many copies of these as you can afford and arrangements for shipping to Pakistan can be arranged. Or, we have a good source of printing in Karachi and your cash donation of any amount will help several active ministires in Pakistan to reach the people.

and https://up-way-publications.org/imagestract/IfWantJoyurdubck1.jpg , https://up-way-publications.org/imagestract/fireneighurdufrt1.jpg and https://up-way-publications.org/imagestract/fireneighurdubck1.jpg.

Other Pakistan Ministry Pictures from Pastor John

Crowd of Men Hear Sermon in Karachi

A good Crowd of Men Hear Sermon in Karachi

A good Crowd of Women Hear Sermon in Karachi

A good Crowd of Men Hear Sermon in Karachi

Pastor John Addressing Congregation

Pastor John Preaching down in the aisle in Karachi

Some of the Ministers associated with Go Preach Christ Ministries and Up Way Publications Pakistan

Please pray for these brethren daily as they go out to minister the Saving message of Jesus Christ and HIS Love and Grace in a nation in which Christians are a minority and the dominant religion is hostile.

Pakistan Flag
Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries, Up Way Publications and Apostolic Internet Seminary are an Establishment of Religion as defined in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and therefore, since Congress shall make NO law regarding this Establishment of Religion, we are NOT tax exempt under the Internal Revenue Service code. We are not sustained by any denomination, special interest or parent organization. We accept no online or e-mail advertising. Our operations and mission are funded by -- and depend entirely upon -- the voluntary financial support of Real Bible Believing Christians like YOU!  All income is reported as taxable income to the Internal Revenue Service. However, donations are never quite enough to cover the costs of printing and shipping literature around the world for Jesus' sake.

Are we Evangelical? Fundamental? Pentecostal? Apostolic? We claim all of these in the sense of maintaining total Biblical integrity of the things we teach and preach. For this reason, we use the term Bible Apostolic. We seek to be totally correct according to the Bible maintaining careful contextual and cultural understanding as well as known strengths and weaknesses of any given writer who, while inspired by the Holy Spirit, was still forced to communicate using the language, culture and known understandings of his day and place. So we are Bible in the sense that everything we say and do is intended to fully align with solid, indisbutably Bible teaching when understood as the writers and first hearers and readers of the Scriptures would have understood them. So we are Evangelical in efforts to reach the whole world with the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are Fundamental in that like the Church of Christ motto, we speak where the Bible speaks and leave the rest alone. We are Pentecostal because we both see the promise as continuing as long as the Lord our God shall call mankind to Himself and we have experienced speaking in tongues and other manifestations of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. We are Apostolic in the sense that we are urgently trying to reestablish original New Testament Apostolic teaching, preaching and life.

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Grapes with Leaf

Up Way Publications 41st Anniversary
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