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that focuses on the blessings of aligning with God's                   
word and
the consequences of doing it our own way.

Awakened in the middle of the night by a man swinging a carpenter’s level at his head, eighteen-year-old Bible college student, Samuel Smith, somehow catches the level with his knee. His attacker immediately tries to choke him and failing that tries to crush his skull with powerful arms. Samuel turns on a light that is just out of his attacker’s reach. When his attacker lunges to turn out the light Samuel is injured when the bed collapses and his back strikes the angle iron bed rail but is able to escape to call the Sheriff’s Department.

          Arriving back with the deputies, he finds both his father and mother on their bed, each with a pool of blood around their left eye below a bleeding bruise in their eyebrow.

His mother is already turning blue and he feels her heart with the back of his hand. “She’s dead,” he says to the Deputies.

          Facing dangers all through his childhood God had protected him. As a Bible College student, his mother was killed and everyone including Samuel believed his father had done it, then attacked and tried to kill him immediately after her. That was only the first of five personal attacks by others — one knife stabbing by someone he helped, once by a gang of teen boys, one of whose girlfriend he took to church, two gunpoint robberies while taxicab driving, one in Chicago's Cabrini-Green, one in Honolulu. One incident during which he did not realize the deadly danger he was in while transporting reformatory escapees in his taxi until days after the event!

        In response to some hurtful teachings he encountered and had to study the scriptures as well as psychology to deal with, he wrote the first edition of MARRIAGE: Delight or Disaster © Up Way Publications 1969 and revised it twenty years later, in 1989 as the Second Edition.

        Before going to teach at The  Jesus Church Bible Training Center in Baguio City, Philippines,  he felt led to write “To Be A Minister, “ which was subtitled A Handbook for Ministers Who Desire Original Apostolic Ministry © Up Way Publications 1989.(Both books now out of print but available for downloading on the internet at

        God has since used Sam as a missionary in the Philippines; T'bilisi, Republic of Georgia and Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia. Since then, he has written over 100 Total Gospel tract titles. Some have been translated in up to eleven languages.  All glory goes to God for his ministries, which include Up Way Publications International, Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries and he is working to establish a top tier Apostolic Internet Seminary.

          Married to the former Virginia Quilates from the Philippines for fifteen years, they have four great young sons. Through all that, he has been in the Hollow of God’s Hand!"

Available from WestBow Press BookstoreAmazon, Barnes & Noble and Up Way Publications Catalog and most bookstores worldwide supplied through Ingram Books.

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Through It All

The true life story of Samuel M. Smith

from WestBow Press division of Thomas Nelson Publishers Graduation Gift Giving*.

Eighteen year-old Bible college student Samuel Smith is home for summer vacation when he is awakened in the middle of the night by a large and powerful man he recognizes by the light streaming in his partially open bedroom as his own father who already has a carpenters' level in a downswing toward his head. Miraculously escaping, young Sam returns with Sheriff's deputies to pronounce his own mother dead.

In The Hollow of His HandThat was only the first of six life-threatening attacks on the young missionary trainee. Now age 74, he has personally served as assistant pastor, pastor, short-term missionary to the Philippines and T'bilisi, Republic of Georgia, distributed tracts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia just before and after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He was priviledged to preach in Baptist, Pentecostal, Evangelical and Seventh-day Adventist churches in T'bilisi and The Jesus' Churches and Philippine Bethel churches in the Philippines.
Today, more than seventy
native ministers in more than seventeen countries request literature and advice from Pastor Smith, usually making first contact as a result of the internet websites such as this one and Followers Of Jesus Christ Ministries. He has personally witnessed many miracles and through them all, has seen that he has been in the hollow of God's unfailing hand.

ISBN: 978-1-4497-3009-3 (sc)

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Other BOOKS written or edited by Samuel M. Smith

MARRIAGE: Delight Or Disaster   NEW!! online index

Many marriages have been helped by the first edition of this little book. Now this Second Completely Revised Edition is available with more than twice the information in the first. Updated to conditions in the United States in the 1990s. Chapters include:  The Magic Called Marriage  |   When is a Couple Married?  |  Finding that Right Mate  |  Dating and Premarital Petting  |  Why Do Marriages End?  |  Avoiding Disaster  |  Can a Marriage on the Rocks Be Saved?  |  What About the Children?  |  May A Divorcee Remarry? Copyright © 1989 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 89-51186. Donation of $5.00 suggested but not mandatory. Order this book  Sorry, temporarily out of stock. Reprint order pending funds. Now you can read the book online by clicking on the chapter links above. For Complete PDF format book, click on picture.

MARRIAGE: Delight or Disaster

To Be A MinisterTo Be A Minister A HANDBOOK FOR MINISTERS WHO DESIRE ORIGINAL APOSTOLIC MINISTRY.  The only ministerial handbook we know of with emphasis on the doctrines preached and practiced by the original Apostles. Contains three (3) original wedding ceremonies not found anywhere else. A must for all Apostolic Pentecostal ministers. Copyright © 1989 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 89-576
1601.  Paperbound,  all black cover, blind embossed title. Donation of $10.00 requested but not mandatory.  Order To Be A Minister      Sorry, temporarily out of stock (Reprint order pending funds.)
 Now you really CAN read To Be A MINISTER by clicking on the link below:
(Page numbers refer to page numbers in the original paperback printed book.)    


Foreword.....   i   
Why Do You Want To Be A Minister?.....  1   
The Ministry Is Not All Fun!*.....  5   
How To Have The Original Apostle's Power.. 13   
How To Conduct Spiritual Services...... 21   
How To Preach Anointed Sermons....... 27   
How to Deal With Problems in the Church.... 35   
The Importance of Music To The Service.... 45   
 Standard Ceremonies...... 49   
    Communion...... 49   
    Water Baptism.... 51   
    Marriages..... 56   
    Dedications (Babies)..... 69   
Dedications (Buildings)...... 78   
    Benedictions..... 79   
    Ordination.... 86   
    Funerals..... 94   
    Additional Resources...... 98  

 Order To Be A Minister   Sorry, temporarily out of stock. Reprint order pending funds. (Now you can read the book online by clicking on the chapter links above.– temporarily unlinked) To download the complete To Be A Minister in PDF format which can be used by a professional offset print shop to print copies in quantity, please send a donation of $5.00 to Up Way Publications, P. O. Box 1015, Kailua, HI 96734-1015 U. S. A. Permission will be given to print up to a maximum of 100 copies of the book. Instructions to print shop will also be provided.

Foundations Firm Sunday School and Bible Study Quarterliesare designed to teach foundational truths from the most basic through the fairly complex.

 An effort has been made to use simple words and explanations so that teachers who are missionaries in areas where they must use aFoundations Firm Book 1 translator should have little or no trouble with their translator understanding their words. This means that any person with at least a third grade education should be able to understand. But if you read and do not understand, what good has been done for you?
 As always we seek to be exactly and completely accurate in teaching those things which are most surely taught by our Lord Jesus Christ and His original Apostles, and including the Apostle Paul.  In his epistle, Jude says in verses 3 and 4, “Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. For there are certain men crept in unawares,* who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and [this “and” is more correctly translated: “even”] our Lord Jesus Christ.” And the Apostle Paul exhorts the Galatian believers, “I marvel that ye are so soon removed from Him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.” (Galatians 1:6-9). It is on the basis of these scriptures that we must reject as heretical those doctrines brought in by later religious leaders, many of whom became leaders in the church during the Third and Fourth Centuries after having been trained in pagan religions which they brought into the church.
 The series is undated, allowing the teacher to begin at any time and to take more than one class session for any lesson of special interest to that particular class.

Foundations FirmSeries Quarterlies Themes
    •    Book One ~ Becoming Heirs of Everlasting Life    Now ONLINE in downloadable Looseleaf Notebook Format

                            Lesson                                                                                Page

                    1. The Vital Importance of a Firm Foundation                 1

                    2. Our Firm Foundation on What Sin Is                            5

                    3. Our Firm Foundation on the Grace of God                  9

                    4. Our Firm Foundation on Faith (Belief)                        13

                    5. Our Firm Foundation on Repentance                           17

                    6. Our Firm Foundation on Water Baptism                     21

                    7. Our Firm Foundation on the Remission of Sin           25

                    8. Our Firm Foundation on God’s Confirming Gift       29

                    9. Our Firm Foundation on Everlasting Life                    33

                    10. Our Firm Foundation on Godly Perfection                37

                    11. Our Firm Foundation on  Love                                    41

                    12. Our Firm Foundation on  Pleasing God                     45

                    13. Our Firm Foundation on  Holy Spirit Power             49

    •    Book Two ~ Bringing The New Babe in Christ to Maturity Sorry, not yet completed
    •    Book Three ~ Relationships Between Gods Children Sorry, not yet completed
    •    Book Four ~  The Mature Christian and Gods Callings Sorry, not yet completed
    •    Book Five ~ Foundation for Young Church Growth Sorry, not yet completed
    •    Book Six ~ Foundational Growth for Maturing in Christ Sorry, not yet completed
    •    Book Seven ~ Foundations of Ministry by All Believers Sorry, not yet completed
Also available in Looseleaf Format. Note: Books Two through Seven not yet available
Order Foundations Firm Quarterlies

Pocket Truths Booklet series  Pocket Truths Series booklets:

   •    are serious subject-related Bible studies.
   •    are designed to answer Bible questions in depth just as Jesus and the original Apostles down through Paul  would answer if they were here in person today.
   •    are convenient pocket size and large print for easy reading in poor lighting conditions as often may be the case when one desires to study during lunch or coffee breaks at work.
   •    thorough enough for use as home Bible Study guides.

Booklets of thePocket Truths Series:
   •    Is Belief = Salvation Really True?    Read Full Text
   •    Personnas Of God - Is the GOD of the Bible 1, 2  or 3 Persons?    Read Full Text
   •    Psychological Warfare
   •    The  Bible Basis of Water Baptism
   •    Effectual, Fervent Prayer     Sorry, not yet completed
   •    Demonic Oppression and Possession   Sorry, not yet completed
   •    Reflecting God Through Healthy Bodies   (On line but incomplete)
   •    Reflecting God Through Holy Living  (On line but incomplete)
   •    Do All Speak with Tongues?
   •    What is The Kingdom of God?    Sorry, not yet completed

Not copyrighted. To be freely used for the glory of God and the edification and understanding of all believers. Please do not quote passages out of these booklets, tracts or out of the Bible in ways that do not agree with the setting, context or intended original  meaning. Order Pocket Truths

Published  by
P. O. Box 1015
Kailua, HI 96734 U. S. A.



People are often tired of Jehovahs Witnesses, Mormons and others coming and knocking at their door to invite them to their churches or halls or argue doctrine. Many communities have passed "anti-solicitation" laws to prevent this. But this is a real survey to find out how many of the citizens of your community attend church anywhere and their preference. This is legal then, and may result in free publicity in the news media, but it will usually result in your being asked where you attend, which is really what you want to tell them! Two (2) different pages to be used together on your own 9" x 12" clipboard. Additional publicity and community interest may be obtained if you contact your local newspaper before starting the survey. Each set includes one (1) Instruction Sheet six (6) Church Attendance Survey sheets and two (2)  Prospects sheets. Not copyrighted, so you may make as many additional sets as needed. Not available on the internet. Must be mailed.  Order this TOOL

MY COMMITMENT TO US   --  A certificate for signing and framing, daily reminding every couple of the importance of their marriage vows. First designed for my own sweet wife and I, we liked it so well we have made it available. Others also say they like it.
To view whole certificate and free Photoshop jpeg document download click here.

WHEEL OF PROPHECY  ---   The effective "wheel" chart written by Brother C. P. Kilgore and published by Pentecostal Publishing House in English  has been translated into Russian and Georgian and Up Way Publications was authorized to translate and publish. Since we had two different sets of verses on two originals we had from PPH, we selected the best from both lists. We are pleased to offer these ready to download in the Photoshop jpeg format right here. To view whole "WHEEL " and free download:

Wheel of Prophecy (PPH) Georgian Kartvelian  Click here for GEORGIAN.    | Wheel of Prophecy (PPH) Russian Cyrillic  Click here for RUSSIAN.

Published  by
P. O. Box 1015
Kailua, HI 96734 U. S. A.

Thank you for spending some time with the Lord Jesus Christ and us. May you have a great day in the Lord Jesus Christ

Brother Sam and Sister Virginia

 available for chapter-by chapter looseleaf purchace, see UP WAY Book Catalog for
"In The Hollow of His Hands" the true life story of Rev. Samuel M. Smith, a major autobiography.
In the future, watch UP WAY Book Catalog for a "New Believers " studies type King James Bible called "MANUFACTURER'S DIRECTIONS for Successful Living".
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.NOTE: The question has arisen as to why NO Up Way Total Gospel tracts contain "the Sinner's Prayer."  The reason is that the Bible does clearly teach a definite "plan of salvation," which the usual "sinner's prayer" offers a shortcut around resulting in truth seekers being also shortchanged out of real Biblical salvation. We see this as vaccination against true Bible salvation and the new birth of the new creature in Christ Jesus. Genuine heart repentance is an absolute requirement to genuine new birth as is the burial of the dead sin nature in baptism. We feel that the important thing for our tracts to convey is true to the Bible; that those who read the message truly repent, then find an Apostolic minister, church or lay-Christian to baptize them in the Bible way, in the name of Jesus Christ, symbolic of burial with Jesus Christ and resurrection to walk with Him in a new spiritual life, whether they repeat some formula of prayer or not . (See Acts 2:38; Romans 6:1-4; 2 Corinthians 5:17.)
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Brief information about the country of Kenya with pictures of Pastor David Muyoti and some of the church members of the churches he pastors or oversees. Thanks to an anonymous donor, we were able to publish 48,000 Kiswahili language Gospel tracts in Kenya for distribution throughout the areas where Kiswahili is spoken and read. Pastor Muyoti is a very active pastor and in a biblical sense, a real bishop.
Pastor Paogin Mangte is married to a Burmese and has a great ministry and Theological Seminary in New Delhi, Capital of India to not only peoples of most Indian language groups , but also to Burmese. Pastor Mangte is shown baptizing some in Jesus' name just like the Apostles preached and practiced and some of the church members of the churches he pastors or oversees. So far, no donor has sponsored the reprinting of Burmese tracts for this brother and his ministry.