Up Way Publications 38th Anniversary

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Up Way Publications 38th Anniversary

The Bible Apostolic
Logo features the golden sun rising from a deep blue morning sky. The Bible as  the one foundation upon which we build and are establishes is marked open by the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Great Creator who so loved us  that He became flesh and dwelt among us, then bled and died to pay the debt for our sins. The golden sun arc doubles to represent the open tomb from  which He arose triumphant. The descending dove represents the coming of the Holy Spirit to us and the flame represents the fire and power of the Holy Spirit in the life of every true believer. When asked if we are Fundamentalist, we are more Fundamental than they. Are we Evangelistic? Very! Are we Baptist? We place a higher value on Biblical water baptism than the Baptists. Are we Pentecostal? We definitely believe in the entire of the Acts 2 experience including that the promise of 2:38 and 39 is to all that the Lord our God shall call. Are we Apostolic? Our desire and goal is to preach, teach and practice that exact same Gospel that Jesus Christ and His Original Apostles taught and would still be teaching if here in person, as we prayerfully try to be their faithful representatives.
— Samuel M. Smith, Editor,
Presiding Elder
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Is Belief Enough?
WE were low on gasoline. After a quick look at a map, I turned off the expressway onto a road where I honestly believed I would find a gas station nearby. But I was mistaken. There was a nearer gas station on the expressway. My belief was not sufficient to fill my empty gas tank. My faith was in the wrong thing.

As I sit watching my television, I begin to smell smoke, but I do nothing. Then you come running over and pound on my door yelling,“Fire! FIRE!”

“Yeah, yeah,” I reply, “I’ll get out in a minute.”

“But the fire is getting bad. You’d better hurry. Don’t you believe me?” you cry. If I really believe the house is on fire, I will get up and get out.

“Sure, I believe you. But I’ve got plenty of time,” I answer.
In the natural, about that time, you’d risk the  consequences and break down my door to drag me out. But in the spiritual, many people are in worse danger than that and the second or third time the Christian gives the warning, they give up, leaving their hearers to their fate with a shrug of the shoulders and a “What’s the use?” attitude.

But isn’t believing in the shed blood of Jesus Christ sufficient? No. It is only the first step. I may think I smell smoke and say, “I think the house is on fire,” but if I don’t get up and DO something about it, I obviously do not have saving faith in my sense of smell or your word. If my nose and your warning was correct and I fail to act in time, my lack of belief would be fatal to me.
 For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, that  whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life,” (John 3:16). Doesn’t this mean that all I must do is believe? Actually, believing is the vehicle by which the Holy Spirit brings conviction of sin and opens the door to repentance. Stop a moment and consider the setting of this scripture verse. Nicodemus has come to Jesus secretly by night. Jesus has already told him that he must be born again -- of the water and the spirit (verses 3, 5) -- and Nicodemus has responded with disbelief. Thus Jesus could not really explain HOW to be born again in the face of Nicodemus’ scoffing unbelief (verse 12). So, for Nicodemus to ever be saved, he needed first of all to believe, and that is what Jesus was speaking to in verse16.

Then how about Acts 16:31? “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.” Isn’t that clear enough? Please read verses 25-30 which explain the circumstances of this statement, then read on down to verse 34. The Philippian jailer, in response to a spectacular manifestation of God’s power, has come trembling into the jail, prepared to commit suicide to spare his family from sharing  his death under Roman law because he expected the prisoners to have all escaped. When he found the prisoners all present as Paul told him, he asked what  he must do to be saved. The first part of Paul’s response is to “Believe on  the Lord Jesus Christ,” but that is not nearly all! , “And they spake unto him the word of the Lord, (verse 32). What word of the Lord? Some say it must not have been important  or  it would have been stated. But no! The Holy Spirit  guided Luke  into a superior literary device. He tells what the jailer did in response to that word. 1. He proved that he  had believed the message by bringing Paul and Silas out of the prison in direct disobedience of the magistrates’ orders.  2. He proved his repentance  by trying to heal their torn and bloody backs which only the day before he had beaten with the Roman whip. 3. He  was immersed  (baptized)  in water in the name of Jesus that  same  hour -- then he fed them. So beyond valid question, “the word of the Lord that was spoken to him was, “Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for (to obtain) the remission (forgiveness) of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost,” (Acts 2:38).
Yes, repentance is an absolute necessity if you are to be saved, and so is baptism in the name of Jesus Christ. (See also, Romans 6:3; Galatians 3:27, 1 Peter 3:21).

So, is belief enough? James 2:18,20  says that “…the devils believe also and tremble.” James then goes on to state a rule which applies just as precisely as the illustration of the man who fails to get out of the chair until the whole house is ablaze. “Faith without works is dead.” Not the “works” people think of -- acts of piety and charity -- but simply that labor of arising from the chair and leaving the house -- of repenting from sin, calling upon the name  of the Lord and being baptized in His name in complete submission to His will. His confirmation of salvation  of the sincere heart has always been the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Right now, if you want to be saved, in evidence of your belief, repent -- be truly sorry you have not lived your life to please the Lord and ask Him to forgive you. Then find a church that teaches the Bible Plan of Salvation which is first given in Acts 2:38 (on the birthday of the Church) and have the pastor baptize you in the name of the One with whom you are symbolically being buried -- Jesus Christ, to obtain forgiveness of your sins. If you are truly wholehearted toward God, He will give you the gift of the Holy Spirit. If you do not receive this clear-cut sign, search your heart for some sin you are trying to hold on to or some bit of unbelief and seek the Lord until His presence fills and  thrills  you.

You  CAN KNOW you  are  saved!

-- S.M.S.

This Total Gospel tract was first written  by Samuel M. Smith about May 1972 in Columbus, OH 24025. Not Copyrighted Free to be used for the REAL salvation of souls. Up Way Publications.

All Up Way Publications printed tracts fold or are folded to fit easily in most regular man's size shirt pockets or easily into a lady's purse. [approx. 3.5 x 4.75 in].

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Up Way Publications 38th Anniversary

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